Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Surgery Laparoscopy Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Surgery Laparoscopy Information for Referring Physicians Regarding Patients Undergoing Weight Loss Surgery Pleatman Surgical Bariatric Surgery Mark A. Pleatman M.D. weight loss surgery weight loss surgery Bloomfield Hills Michigan 248 334-5444 Dr. Pleatman commonly provides surgical care for patients who travel from far away.  By necessity, this makes long-term follow-up care difficult.  For this reason it is important to coordinate care with the patient’s primary care physician.  We ask that all incoming patients first see their personal physician to make sure they are adequately prepared for surgery, and that all pre-existing medical problems are optimally treated.  We also ask that they provide a letter of “Medical Clearance,” that not just gives approval for surgery, but also outlines the ongoing medical problems and suggests options for perioperative care if there are any unusual problems that may need attention.  We will forward copies of all medical reports to the primary physician to facilitate continuing medical care.  We are always happy to assist with care of our patients even after they have left Michigan.  We welcome communications from primary phyisicans, and appreciate the opportunity to assure that our patient receive optimal follow-up treatment. Mark A. Pleatman, M.D. 43494 Woodward Ave. #202, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Phone: 248-334-5444, Fax: 248-334-5484 email: