Patient Comments Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Surgery Laparoscopy Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Surgery Laparoscopy Pleatman Surgical Bariatric Surgery Mark A. Pleatman M.D. weight loss surgery weight loss surgery Bloomfield Hills Michigan 248 334-5444 Mark A. Pleatman, M.D. 43494 Woodward Ave. #202, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Phone: 248-334-5444, Fax: 248-334-5484 email:  Here is a sample of comments from the website.  Click this link to see more. I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Pleatman and his staff. As others have mentioned, he is very up-front and professional but friendly. I actually think he may be a bit shy which may be perceived as as being aloof, but he's not. I had VSG 11 days ago, and within one week felt completely back to normal... other than a little tenderness where the main incision was, I literally felt like I hadn't had anything done! There was very little actual pain post-op, and I have had no nausea and no problems with acid or reflux (both of which were big problems before surgery). He also repaired a hiatal hernia which neither of us knew was there. The hospital staff spoke highly of him while I was there as well. You can't get a better self-pay deal without going to Mexico, but the good news is you're not settling--you're getting a very highly skilled surgeon and a great all-around experience. I would recommend Dr. Pleatman to anyone! Overall I was happy with Dr. Pleatman. I do believe he's a very skilled surgeon and that always makes it just a bit easier when you're going in for major surgery. He has a fantastic office staff who went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of. This is good since the doctor himself isn't the most personable guy in the world. You may interpret him as being somewhat on the rude side, or maybe just bluntly honest. I don't know, but his skills as a surgeon and the self-pay VSG price were both more important to me. If anyone is curious about the procedures you go through, you go in for a consultation with him, and then maybe a month later you can have surgery (if a self-pay). A few days before surgery, you will be brought in for a last consultation with him and a nutritional class with his nutritionist, following by pre-op testing at the hospital. First impression of Dr.Pleatman was that he was a smart man who knows what he is doing in reference to weightloss surgery. The office staff is awesome , very caring and will put in 110% effort in giving you all the vital information you need and assisting you on your journey. I was self pay and Dr.Pleatman has one of the most affordable self pay programs ( $11,200 ) for the VSG surgery in the USA. There was no way I was going to travel to another country for surgery because of the price so Dr.Pleatmans experience and great price definitely was a plus. I did alot of research and knew the risks of surgery and also was reasured by the doctor. I would rate him a 10 ...on a scale from 1-10. Dr.Pleatman had good bedside manner and great surgical competence and really cares for his patients.  Dr.Pleatman even called from his home telephone number to see how I was doing a Couple of days after I was discharged from the hospital, Now really how many doctors do that ? In conclusion, Dr.Pleatman is Great Doctor and I look foward to sending future patients his way . I just had my VSG performed by Dr. Pleatman. I was out-of-state, self-pay. His practice is very accommodating for us out-of- towners. His staff are very well informed and helpful. Download the package on his website that has a lot of info; Dr. Pleatman's staff will send you another package when you call to set up surgery. They are also available by phone or e-mail to answer any questions you may have.rnNow as to Dr. Pleatman himself -- I am impressed! He is a rather quiet, unassuming person who seems to truly be concerned for his patients' welfare. He does not waste time, but I never felt rushed while talking with him, and he answeered all my questions fully and honestly. And he is available around the clock if you have any problems or concerns following surgery. I met 3 of his post-op... [Click here for more] patients while at his practice the day before my surgery. All of them seemed very happy with Dr. Pleatman. And if I or a friend or family member needed surgery -- I'd see Dr. Pleatman!  4 out of 4 stars!